Our Story

The members of the James Pedicone Band are all lifelong friends, having met as budding musicians in their teens. Although they played together in many of their first bands, they have only played together occasionally since their 20's.

Within the last year the time seemed right to reconnect musically and the James Pedicone Band was born.  
James Pedicone
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Coming from a musical family where he sang and played guitar from an early age, James started his professional career in his teens , playing in many early bands with his present band mates. He has played throughout the world with the band 215 West. 
Andy Hagen
Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
Andy is a lifelong guitar player, taking up the instrument at age 8. He has a deep interest in most forms of american music, from bluegrass mandolin to acoustic jazz guitar to how the electric guitar is used in all of its forms. His playing within the band lets him explore all of his musical interests.
Marc Rio
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Marc has been a professional musician his entire life. He attended, and then taught at the acclaimed Percussion Institute of Technology in LA, and played professionally in Chicago, LA, and Minneapolis. Aside from his involvement with the James Pedicone Band, he also plays with many musicians in the Chicagoland area in everything from jazz to corporate bands.